Keiji Inafune: I’m extremely pleased to be able to announce ReCore today, which is a game about my favorite kind of robots. Sometimes they’re brave heroes, other times they can be humorous companions. In fact, they can be even your most loyal friends.

As you adventure through the mysterious world of ReCore, you’ll learn what makes these robots uniquely charming and powerful. I’m eager to know how all of you will feel after interacting with these robots. And I hope the game will be a fun and endearing experience for you.

Mark Pacini: Everyone at Armature Studio is really happy to invite all of you into the world of ReCore and hope we’ve created characters you’ll love to spend time with.

In the months ahead, we’ll be sharing a lot more about ReCore’s gameplay and other features. We hope you’ll agree that ReCore is an innovative take on the classic action-adventure — a genre that is dear to our gaming hearts. So please stay tuned to this community site and ReCore’s other social channels.

Let the adventure begin!

Keiji Inafune & Mark Pacini

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