• I’m having issues, who do I contact?

      If you're having trouble during your journey in ReCore, either game or Xbox related, please reach out to the excellent people at Xbox Support. You can message them on Twitter @XboxSupport or contact them on their website:

    • I’m receiving the below error message on the Microsoft Store..


      If you receive this message or the error code, check to make sure you have the anniversary update for Windows 10.

    • Achievements not showing up between Xbox One and Windows 10

      We have found some issues related to user profile management & ReCore related to a subset of achievements when switching between devices.  While your regular game progress will not be effected, to ensure your achievements go with you, we recommend players always:

      1. Sign into your Xbox profile before starting ReCore.
      2. Cleanly exit the game
      3. Ensure that you are signed out of your first device before beginning to play on another
      4. Waiting 10 minutes before you start on another device
      We are actively working on a solution & will make an update when the issue is resolved – we expect this to be resolved with an update very soon.

    • System Requirements for Windows