Hey ReCore fans! This game has only been announced for just over two weeks, but we’ve already got a multitude of fan art rolling in! It’s been incredible watching the community latch on to Joule and Mack and because of that, I wanted to share the great art I’ve been finding across the Internet.

First up is this incredible piece by munadoodlesnonsense on Tumblr. She captured our hero and her companion beautifully, and I can’t believe how quickly this appeared online! That’s one fast artist!


This pixelated version of Mack by @ifryx on Twitter was created for a daily art challenge the user participates in and was posted only 24 hours after the launch trailer went online. Look how cute Mack is!


Speaking of art being made shortly after announce, this adorable little doodle by user Shattered-Earth on Tumblr was her response to watching the E3 announcements and includes Joule and Mack in the upper right corner.


I love this drawing of Joule staring off into the distance by Tumblr user exmakina – you can see the weight of the journey ahead in her eyes.


And our final fan art spotlight for this week is this cute little piece from Jordan Lambert. “It’s the dog character from the upcoming @ReCoreGame” he said on Twitter. Yes, we can see the resemblance!


Thanks so much to our awesome community members for creating such cool art already – we’ve loved watching it come in and we can’t wait to see more! If you create anything yourself or see any art online, tweet it at us at @ReCoreGame or using the #ReCore hashtag!