Hey ReCore fans! Another month has gone by, which means we’ve got another really cool batch of fan creations! This community is so amazingly creative – we’re blown away by how many incredible fan creations we’re already had rolling in. Thanks for connecting with our world and our characters, and keep it coming!

Here’s everything that’s been submitted this month!

First up is this awesome recreation of ReCore in the game Project Spark by YouTube user XbicioPlays:

I love the way Mack runs and jumps, and I especially love that glowing core. Here’s another screen cap Xbicio shared from the level being created:


Next we’ve got this gorgeous portrait of Joule by Twitter user @TheEmoRinkaku. Doesn’t her hair look perfect?



Then we have this little doodle/web comic by Twitter user @massuuck. It made me laugh out loud! I hope we see more of these!


This next colorful work was created as a Twitter profile picture by Twitter user @shaunlabrie, but it’s cool enough that we felt we had to share.


And our last new piece of fanart is this sketch of Mack. It was created by Twitter user @JackXbox_MAD and while he claims he hasn’t drawn in a while, he could have fooled us. This sketch is great!


If you want to see your fan creations featured on this site in a future Community Spotlight, please tweet your work at @ReCoreGame and use the hashtag #ReCore! We love to see what you create and are excited to see even more.