Ultimate Source is bringing ReCore’s characters to life in two different product lines: a Premium Figure Line and an Anime Style Mini Figure Line!


The ReCore Premium line features die cast metal on all corebots inner skeleton construction. The corebots outer armor parts are separate plastic pieces which the user gets to build and place onto the corebots. This ‘Build and Display’ feature is a fun step in completing the corebots design which can then be displayed on their base. The Premium line also features LED electronics allowing the cores to light up, which really brings ReCore’s corebots to life.



The ReCore Anime Style Mini Figure line has an original stylized look which all ReCore fans and toy collectors will love. Each Mini figure comes with a custom base which takes full advantage of their hyper action pose.


The Recore Wave One Premium and Mini Figure lines are scheduled to be release in Spring 2017. You can learn more about the upcoming figures by following Ultimate Source on Twitter @UltimateToy.