Shortly after the launch of the ReCore trailer, we saw an immediate response of fan created content in celebration of the new title. However, one fan took it to the next level – and we couldn’t wait to share what we found!


Canadian Lego craftsman Tyler Sky has created a series of impressive ReCore figures that he’s shared with the Internet, and we’re totally impressed.


His work so far features our lovable sidekick Mack as well as the antagonistic spiders from the release trailer, and they look incredible. Especially when you see them all together in this action-packed scene he’s created.


Possibly the best part is that these Lego creations are fully poseable, which makes me wish I could get my hands on one. Or learn how to make it myself…


Are you a Lego builder as well? Want to see Tyler’s step by step instructions on how he made these? You can download his instructions here on the Lego Digital Designer site. Tyler said, “To use these instructions builders must load into the Lego Digital Designer application.  The last page of the instructions includes a complete parts list, so that anyone interested can determine exactly what parts are needed. One convenient place to order all of the parts would be from various Lego stores found on”

If you don’t want to or are unable to use the Lego Digital Designer application, Tyler has also graciously provided an html version of the instructions, though they aren’t quite as amazing as the fully zoom-and-pan capable instructions above. Thanks, Tyler!

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