Hey ReCore fans! Another month has gone by, which means we’ve got another really cool batch of fan creations! This community is so amazingly creative – we’re blown away by how many incredible fan creations we’re already had rolling in. Thanks for connecting with our world and our characters, and keep it coming! Here’s everything that’s […]


Shortly after the launch of the ReCore trailer, we saw an immediate response of fan created content in celebration of the new title. However, one fan took it to the next level – and we couldn’t wait to share what we found!


Hey ReCore fans! This game has only been announced for just over two weeks, but we’ve already got a multitude of fan art rolling in! It’s been incredible watching the community latch on to Joule and Mack and because of that, I wanted to share the great art I’ve been finding across the Internet. First […]

ReCore on the big screen at the Xbox Briefing.

Now that everyone involved with ReCore is back home, we thought it might be nice to catch everyone up on all the great stuff that happened at the show. It was an exciting week for all of us here and we’re so thrilled to be able to share news about this game with you! Of […]


E3 2015 is coming to an end and we have heard from our fans that they wanted to show their love for ReCore! Well if you want to add some ReCore flair to your desktop, mobile, tablet or even your Xbox One we have you covered! Click on one of the links below to download […]


Keiji Inafune: I’m extremely pleased to be able to announce ReCore today, which is a game about my favorite kind of robots. Sometimes they’re brave heroes, other times they can be humorous companions. In fact, they can be even your most loyal friends. As you adventure through the mysterious world of ReCore, you’ll learn what […]